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introducing Doctor Keyvan Khamesi, Dental Surgeon and his team in Bourgoin-Jallieu, Lyon and Grenoble Area, France


Dr. Keyvan Khamesi works in Bourgoin since 2001. Originally from the Geneva Area, after secondary education at the Lycée International de Ferney-Voltaire, he completed his master’s degree at the Faculty of Dentistry of the University Claude Bernard in Lyon. Even today, continuing education and updating knowledge in order to provide the best quality of care in the greatest safety and comfort remain the priority of the healthcare team of Dr. Keyvan Khamesi.

Our philosophy: a high standard for aesthetic smile and long-term stability

In our office, the initial consultation is a key feature, we manage to listen to our patient and provide him an accurate check-up. Our aim is to establish the most appropriate treatment plan depending on the clinical situation. Dr. Keyvan Khamesi brings you a comprehensive response and will carry all of your oral rehabilitation. Prevention, Cosmetic Dentistry, Implant Surgery, Prosthetics on Natural Roots and Fixtures on Implants are the main components of our "Multidisciplinary Specialty ".

implant dentaire Bourgoin-Jallieu  - Dr Keyvan Khamesi
dentiste Bourgoin-Jallieu -  Bâtiment Le Pixel Rez-de-Chaussée Dr Keyvan Khamesi
Nouvelle salle 2018
facettes Bourgoin-Jallieu   - Accueil Cabinet Dentaire Dr Keyvan Khamesi
blanchiment Bourgoin-Jallieu -  Espace Attente
implants dentaires Bourgoin-Jallieu  - Bloc Implant Cabinet Dr Keyvan Khamesi Bourgoin Jallieu
implantologie  Bourgoin-Jallieu -  Salle de Soin Dr Keyvan Khamesi
parodontie Bourgoin-Jallieu  -  Cone Beam Imagerie 3D Dr Keyvan Khamesi
parodontologie Bourgoin-Jallieu -  Chirurgie Assistée par Ordinateur Cabinet Dentaire Dr Keyvan Khamesi Bourgoin Jallieu


New Patients

The initial consultation will start with a discussion regarding any dental concerns you may have.

At the first appointment, we ask you to complete a medical history form. This helps ensure that before we examine your mouth, we are aware of any important medical factors that could affect your treatment. Then we will make a full analysis of your teeth, jaw and soft tissues inside your mouth. We take any necessary radiographs. All of this gives us an accurate picture of your oral health, and allows us to discuss the examination findings and all possible treatment options with you.

No treatment is usually carried out on this first visit, unless it is to alleviate pain or you request us to do so.

Meet the Team

Dr Keyvan KHAMESI,

Dental Surgeon


Qualified Dental Assistant

Why Choose Us

We spend time with our patients in a relaxed but professional atmosphere. Our practice is dedicated in providing you with all types of dental treatments, be it cosmetic procedures or family dentistry.

Safety without compromise and "Made in France"

We are deeply concerned about the control of hygiene, asepsis and sterilization in order to avoid any risk of contamination. Laura, our dental assistant dedicated to the sterilization and the application of the highest standards, ensures individual traceability for each procedure performed and provides optimum safety for our patients.

Concerned about offering modern and evidence based technology, Dr. Keyvan Khamesi gives importance to the origin and quality of materials. Thus, we resort to a dental lab manufacturing 100% French. 

A positive experience and mutual trust

Building a trusting relationship and providing painless treatments to our patients, in serenity and comfort, are our ongoing priorities. Our team : Jennifer, qualified dental assistant, Nathalie, secretary in charge of your welcome, and Dr. Keyvan Khamesi, is committed to perform dental procedures for your requirements. 


Specialist dentistry : Implants and Prosthetics - Aesthetics

Preventive dentistry :
Oral hygiene – Brushing – Gum treatments

General and cosmetic dentistry : Crowns – Bridges - Fissure sealants – White fillings

Whitening – Veneers - Ceramic inlays - Partial and complete dentures

For any request please contact us:
+33 4 74 93 81 61